CLOO' from Hillary Young on Vimeo.

Here we go. Something that for the love of G-D needs to exist please. If only this was around for those times I started a new job and felt weird using the bathroom. Or when I started dating my boyfriend and felt weird using his bathroom because I swear they could all hear me pee from in the living room. It’s a problem I have. Oh well.

It’s called CLOO’. (Community + Loo) and it allows users to rent out their bathrooms (to friends!) for a nominal fee. And makes life for people in the city looking for bathroom so so happy. Watch the video.

To the pair that created this, Hillary Young and Deanna McDonald, remember the little Yaks when you’re done selling this and become crapzillionaires.

Posted on: Sep 2, 2011 at 12:06 AM


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the yak

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